Convert Dollar prices to Crypto-Currencies


Ever wondered whats USD price of any altcoin so that you can spend it in online shops acceptign cryptos or just sell to somebody for cash? The problem is not here anymore.

Choose coin, choose amount of coin or USD that you have and see what its worth. The site has live stats and is released in BETA mode. I dont think theres any bugs bug who knows..

Site uses BTC-E data for USD of BTC/LTC and Cryptsy for exchange rate.

If you like the project subscribe to the list to know nwhen full thing launches or just hit me up with donation!

* BTC - 1BrTwi9uACs7u6vQ111CAJuy8mFZLSDgGr
* LTC - LfAurHeUMMDkJHmhdYdyPN5z7DYYekykuK
* CSC - CLrbZunepb4X9BsTzJEtUDiF5GZAD58NCK
* DOGE - DHSVNrBqgBawqPuh5rLZJs5fDkS4pr3Ehq
* HBN - Eru6ABgKACmjoGoJpnm1STEpaX3HA3Tue2
* LEAF - fEo42d4ySnm7hGXgbCY6RuNiCUt4hbxAAG
* MAX - mdeL7c319sDobTD9tSXsiAcPUR8whe2bcd
* VRC - VgV3MvHcTjJtTMQZmUzpkexAwtbH3hycLj
* WDC - WjZanjcmjfCZckMN9vLHYuukTr43guYq1j
* ZET - ZZmkA3f9v7fmc6LsnGVN7dzRz5YYPnKN3n